February 28, 2020
zeolite molecular sieve
Zeolite Molecular Sieve
September 23, 2020

Carbon Molecular Sieve

Best Carbon Molecular Sieve Manufacturer

Zonebao Molecular Sieve Co., Limited started its venture in 2006 ago as a carbon molecular sieve supplier to provide its customers with different sieve products. Zonebao strives to give its clients with high-quality and cost-efficient molecular sieve. We know the fact that each retailer or company works with a distinct mindset and has a variance in the size of operations. So, we offer different types of sieves for e-commerce and trade market.

A carbon molecular sieve is the porous carbon skeletal system, which remains after pyrolysis of a polymeric precursor. These porous particles are Spherical (packed bed performance compared to granular particles). Non-friable and hard (pack well and won’t break). Highly porous (high surface areas). Utilized for molecules with an analyze size relative to C2-C5 n-alkanes. Hydrophobic (used in high humidity environments).

Quality Carbon Molecular Sieve Manufacturer

Zonebao not only sells or promotes products but also emphasize providing professional technique and excellent service. Client’s satisfaction long with prompt delivery are the two core points that never changed. Undoubted reputation is our backbone. Due to this, we give our best to maintain the two ground rules from 2006. On the other side, we hope and believe we can make and maintain a long-term cooperative relationship with mutual advantages.  Moreover, Zonebao is a committed and responsible team who will meet your needs fully and promptly.

We are an OEM of several molecular sieve company in China and overseas such as South Korea USA, EU, and so on. Our precept is using our perspiration and sincerity to win your cooperation and trust.