zeolite molecular sieve
Zeolite Molecular Sieve
September 23, 2020

Molecular Sieve Bead

Best Molecular Sieve Bead Manufacturer in China 

Zonebao Molecular Sieve Co., Limited was incorporated, in 2006 as a molecular sieve bead supplier. Zonebao thrives on providing high-quality and cost-efficient sieves. We know that each dealer works with a different mindset and works with different size of operations. Therefore, we offer different molecular sieves for e-commerce and trade sector.

Molecular Sieves bead, offered by us, are the preferred option of the online buyers spread all over China. The Molecular Sieves that we deal have the superb ability in absorbing gases from the environment for the safety of keeping cosmetic products and pharmaceutical sectors and in original conditions, to cater to the demands of the buyers. The sieves that we provide have ample packaging options.

While there exist lower-cost desiccants available that can dry air and compressed gas, sieve bead is the most effective. The reason is the internal surface region of molecular Sieve is five times bigger than that of activated alumina, and that makes it more permeable. The size of the pore is eight times littler than that of Silica Gel; making it extra selective.

Quality Molecular Sieve Bead Manufacturer

Because of their spherical nature, molecular sieve bead allows for effective free-flow of gasses between them with low backpressure. Our standard sizes of bead: 1.6-2.5mm and 2.5-5.0mm. However, we can produce beads in any size, to match your requirements.

As a prominent sieve company, we target to establish customer loyalty by hiring specialists that have a sense of passion alongside reliability and work ethics.

Our fundamental aim is to provide our customers with services that are tailor-made to suit their requirements and business scenarios. We are also a global sieves provider that caters to an extensive customer base on a united platform. Our emphasis upon quality is focal, therefore, we hire expert workers to progress at a faster pace.

Zonebao brings in 15 years of invaluable experience in, manufacturing molecular sieve beads in different areas of China. We provide benefits to a large number of small and large scale businesses and people, both economically and socially. The operational and technical competence we possess is the best in the country.

Our practically experienced staff makes us one of the largest chemical businesses in China. If you need a reliable molecular sieve bead manufacturer, contact us.