February 28, 2020
February 28, 2020


China Molecular Sieve Manufacturer in China

Zonebao Molecular Sieve Co., Limited is a recognized molecular sieve supplier in China. Molecular sieve technology is regularly used for removing water from natural gas, which is associated with gas and CO2. It is applied in systems where there is a requirement of low dew points. Silica gel and molecular sieve are commonly used solid desiccants in the oil & gas industry.

Molecular sieve is crystalline metal alumino-silicates that have a three-dimensional interconnecting network of alumina tetrahedral and silica. Natural hydration is transferred from this network via heating to generate uniform cavities that selectively adsorb molecules of molecular sieves of a particular size.

Zonebao Molecular Sieve Co., Limited was founded in 2006, is committed towards environmental safety, production and sales, new molecular sieve and molecular sieve 3a catalyst, R&D, technology provide optimal solutions for customers.

Zonebao is one of the largest domestic producers of China molecular sieve. We export sieve and related products of high-tech enterprises. Our products are used in petrochemical, gas separation, environmental protection, coal chemical industry, automotive, pharmaceutical, building materials, hollow glass and other more than 40 industrial industries.

China Molecular Sieve Supplier in China

The Company is engaged in project general contracting, specialty design, technology R&D, production and after-sales service of molecular sieves, and gives an entire range of technical supports for clients in different industries.

The dynamic environment of our company assures maximum focus on distinct units and verticals to provide our customers with proper assistance, productivity, industrial expertise, high-quality, and expert professionals. The combination of skills, efforts, and experience has caused us to progress at an astonishing pace as a molecular sieve manufacturer.

We, as a reputed molecular sieve supplier, believe that customer-oriented chemical businesses flourish in an effective manner. Hence, our primary goal is to give maximum satisfaction to our clients through our surreal efforts.

To maintain rapport, professionalism in employees is key. We believe that proper resources can offer magnificent support to our expertise if we talk about the provision of logical and quick solutions to our customers.

Hence, we distribute each of our experts a training manual that is connected to a supervisory station. This ensures that when a customer demands assistance, it can be provided on time. Online help is the hallmark of Zonebao as a China molecular sieve manufacturer.

Zonebao, as a leading molecular sieve supplier, believes in collective coordination. Hence, our expert staff makes sieve that is effective in its utilization. As a result, Zonebao as a molecular sieve manufacturer is growing at an impeccable pace.

Trustworthy China Molecular Sieves Exporter

Zonebao has a full-fledged and flawless system that aims towards the business development of chemicals along with various well-recognized international standards. We have a seamless infrastructure to complement advanced technology. For the last few years, we have been offering an excellent quality concerning molecular sieves and outputs. Our dedicated strategy towards our business has helped us to establish our name in national and international markets as a reliable sieve supplier.
We as a China molecular sieve exporter, are whole-heartedly focused on offering the best sieves to our customers. We believe in client partnership and aspire to gain customer delight by offering the best solutions to their problems.
Our production team consists of dedicated professionals. They assist us towards absolute excellence. With more than 10 years of experience in the sieves industry, we have got the competitive advantage and secret to develop the most extensive portfolio of chemical products. Our team of research and development ensures advanced compositions to avoid any unknown toxicity. We are always committed to satisfy the needs of our clients.


We are a company specializes in all kinds of molecular sieve desiccant.
hey are used in insulated glass and other industies.

We have 3A 4A 5A 13X XH-9 and so on.

Our advantage is high quality with best price.We will make friends with all of the world,We believe we can be your best partner.

Country: China
Model No: –
FOB Price: 1000 ~ 1500 / Ton ( Negotiable ) Get Latest Price
Place of Origin: China
Price for Minimum Order: 1000 per Ton
Minimum Order Quantity: 2 Ton
Packaging Detail: carton, steel drum, big bag
Delivery Time: 20days
Supplying Ability: 6000 Ton per Year
Payment Type: L/C, T/T
Product Group : ZONEBAO